5 tips to Boost ROI: Google Adwords for Lawyers & Law Firms

Google Adwords can be an effective way for you to turn all our website visitors into leads and convert them into long term clients to boost your ROI. 

Google Adwords works on the pay-per-click advertising system that uses keywords and phrases to display your ad whenever a user searches for those keywords.

However, keep in mind that it would require your time and money to get leads and measure ROI(return on investment) using Google Adwords. Also, It would require considerable planning and research. 

Hence, to make it easier for you. I have listed the five best tips that you can use to get more leads and improve your ROI. 

Best 5 Tips to get more leads and Improve Your ROI in 2020: Google Adwords for Lawyers and Law firms

Do your competitive research and take measures to stand out from the rest of the competition. 

Always do your competitive research before starting a campaign on Google Adwords, doing In-depth research will help you know better about your competitors like what they are doing, is it working?.

Keep note of everything and implement it in your Google Ads strategy to stand out from your competition.

Focus on the Long Tail Keywords 

Focus on the long-tail keywords i.e. the keywords like “the best lawyers in San Diego”, etc. Focusing on such keywords will help you get the visitors who want a solution for the problem, or they may be looking for good lawyers.

Not paying the attention to such keywords can prevent you from getting the attention of people that can be good quality leads. 

Make sure that your Ads match up to the search’s intent and read through to hire your services

While writing ads make sure that your copy satisfies the user’s search intent to click, read through to hire for your services. Keep a fictional buyer persona while writing your ads and make them convincing enough for the user to click through. 

Get Aggressive regarding the negative keywords 

Negative keywords are the keywords that you don’t want to consider to show ads such as “free lawyer consultation”, etc.  If not given the due attention, then it can hit your ROI very badly as there would be a lot of clicks happening without you getting any leads. Therefore, keep this in check. 

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Set Calls as a major priority will boost your ROI

The last tip would be to prioritize telephonic conversations with your visitors/leads. Set your ad copy that provides an option for the Visitor to call you directly. The telephonic conversations help you get more leads to close that can help you to improve your ROI. 

I hope this blog would be of substance and clarify all your queries regarding Google Adwords for lawyers and law firms. Book your 30-min discovery call today to discuss your queries to generate leads.

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